With more wells reaching the end of their economic life, the need for abandonments is growing.

The Tristar team is experienced in all aspects of abandonments including many different downhole problems and capping vent flows.

We have been involved in projects ranging from single well to 320 well projects. We offer engineering and operations support to ensure your wells are abandoned in a manner that is both cost-effective is compliant in terms of both legislative and regulatory requirements.

We offer both "Cost-Plus" and regular abandonment project management depending on the company's requirements. Tristar has been involved with several old well abandonments that were challenging in terms of effective cost management and compliance with government regulations.

Abandonment Case Study

The Tristar Team was contracted to abandon an old well that was originally drilled in the 1920s in the Town of Turner Valley. The team reviewed the well file and held several meetings with the client, Town Administration, and various government/regulatory agencies. The well was re-entered and abandoned successfully under budget using a drilling rig. There were no incidents or community concerns raised despite the operation being conducted in close proximity to a number of area homes.