Tristar Resource Management Ltd. is able to offer complete programming and project management for all completion, workover, re-completion, and abandonment operations including, but not limited to:

  • Engineering Programs (i.e. Stimulation, Perforating, Downhole Tools)
  • Cost Estimates / AFE Preparation
  • Simulation and Stimulation Design
  • Tendering Services
  • Cost Control
  • Wellsite Supervision
  • Project Management
  • End of Well Summaries (Activities and Costs)
  • Regulatory Reporting (End of Well Reports, WR's)

Our office and field personnel have extensive experience in all completion, workover, recompletion and abandonment operations including:

  • Sour and Sweet
  • Shallow and Deep
  • Horizontal and Underbalanced
  • Multi-Stage Horizontal Fracturing
  • Coalbed Methane

Our completions team is experienced throughout the Western Canadian Basin with involvement in sandstone and carbonate formations. We have worked with the Coal Bed formations in both Alberta and British Columbia. Our senior members have experience in Well Control operations and Arctic operations.