Guiding Principles

Maximize customer value and satisfaction

Our Purpose is to maximize customer value and satisfaction by providing a timely, professional resource management service.

Our Vision is to be a top performing resource management company sharing common goals with our clients.

Our Conduct is a fundamental part in achieving our purpose:

  • honest and trustworthy
  • believe that open communication is the key to a successful business
  • strive to deliver efficient, cost effective projects, ensuring maximum production results from the reservoirs
  • encourage everyone to exercise initiative and utilize the latest technology
  • demonstrate responsible citizenships; are committed to the safety and health of our employees and protection of the environment
  • cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and business associates

Our Personnel are a motivated, experienced and professional team.

Focus of our Business

Management and Administration

  • Management that is in contact with the customer, technical staff, suppliers and field personnel.  Ensuring projects are completed in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner in accordance with all regulations and standards. Keeping customer satisfaction a top priority.
  • Administration that ensures all records and submissions are complete and delivered to the customer and regulator in an efficient and timely manner.

Technical and Engineering

  • Staff that ensures projects are pre-planned with results that maximize value through cost controls, safety programs and equipment selection.  Utilizing the latest technology if it improves the results for the customer.  Ensuring all work is done in an ethical and professional manner.

Consulting and Operations

  • Field supervision to oversee and implement the operation plan in the most efficient and cost – effective manner.  Always endeavoring to maximize production from the reservoir.  Responsible for maintaining operations that are performed under all regulatory and environmental standards. Ensuring the safety program is one that is led by example.