Civil Developments

Guiding Principles

Maximize customer value and satisfaction

Tristar Resource Management Ltd. is able to provide complete project management for all civil developments including, but not limited to:

  • Freehold & Crown Land Consultations
  • Assist on Wetland and Wildlife assessments
  • Coordinate with Downhole Geology to help determine surface lease developments
  • Scout & Survey access and lease developments
  • Access & Lease Construction
  • Access & Lease Maintenance (Long term)
  • Clean-up & Spill response
  • Reclamation & restoration
  • Bridge construction Design / Build
  • Project management & cost control
  • Tendering Contract services
  • Regulatory reporting & compliance
  • Daily reporting & Supervision

Tristar will provide the professional services required with Safety and Environmental awareness protecting Clients, Landowner’s, and service providers in all construction disciplines.